[Samba] creating OU with samba4

Felipe_G0NZ4LEZ_S4NTI4G0(); fgonzalez at estudiantes.uci.cu
Tue Nov 11 12:17:15 MST 2014

Hello guys! 
How I can create an organizationalUnit (OU)? 
Now I created an user into an OU already existent, but I need to create a new OU. 
I tried with: 
root at s1 :~#nano file.ldif 
dn: ou=MyOU,DC=dominio,DC=pdc,DC=cu 
objectClass: top 
objectClass: organizationalUnit 
ou: MyOU 
root at s1 :~#ldbadd --url=/var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb file.ldif 

but when I search MyOU on the Active Directory with the AD Users and Computers tool from windows I can't find it. MyOU do not appear into the container for OUs. 
Regards. Philippe. 

III Escuela Internacional de Invierno en la UCI del 17 al 28 de febrero del 2014. Ver www.uci.cu

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