[Samba] Samba 4 as a drop in replacement for Samba 3

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at uni-freiburg.de
Mon Nov 10 11:23:58 MST 2014

On 10.11.2014 17:21, ray klassen wrote:
> The wiki encourages us to use Samba 4 even for non DC domain members.
> Sounds great. but... What if the system is dependent on unix file
> permissions. I have numerous shares with explict force group, create
> mask, etc options. What if we don't want to emulate ntfs style
> permissions? Will Samba 4 honor that? Just a dumb question before
> updating my production servers...

You can use either Linux permissions (optionally with Linux ACLs), or 

If you do not set Windows-ACLs, Samba uses the Linux permissions.

If you have set Windows-ACLs, and then modify Linux permissions, the 
Windows-ACLs will be lost, and the Linux permissions will take over.

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