[Samba] R­e: R­­­e: R­e: D­­C2 d­en­ie­s ­a­c­­cess­­ whe­­­

?icro MEGAS micromegas at mail333.com
Sat Nov 8 11:03:22 MST 2014

Hello Rowland, Louis and Min,

sorry for late reply, I was really busy in the past days. As Min already wrote, I have made the same experience unfortunately. With Rowland's suggested settings it didn't solve the problem. I'm on another issue at the moment and didn't find time to check the rsync/unison process on my own, but I'll promise I'll dive into it as soon as I can. The problem really is related in the "--delete..." parameter which is exactly doing what the manual of rsync describes perfectly. I have no idea how to fix it at the moment, but if you have more clues I'd appreciate your opinion.

Nice weekend,

>> On 08/11/14 16:50, Min Wai Chan wrote:

>> Yep...
>> Just like the original issue report by Megas.
>> But with your suggested changes... Which is odd...

>> Dear Louis and Rowland,
>> I've try to do as suggested
>> /root/.unison/default.prf
>> remove
>> perms=0
>> add
>> owner=true
>> group=true
>> But still the problem on folder removed still happen...
>> Strange...

the culprit is related to the switch "--delete-after" but the most important thing is that unison seems to be misconfigured. Normally unison should sync in both directions, but actually is syncing only from dc1-->dc2.

Any thoughts how to fix it? I never worked with unison before :(


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