[Samba] Samba 3.6 -> 4.x and trusts

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Nov 6 10:07:54 MST 2014

Hello Andrea,

Am 06.11.2014 um 13:01 schrieb Andrea Venturoli:
> I'm using Samba 3.6 and two-ways trusts to a Windows 2003 domain.
> 3.6 will be EOLed soon, but 4.x doesn't seem to support trusts.
> Am I wrong?
> What's the suggested way to handle this?

If you contintue using Samba 4x as an NT4 domain, trusts work like
before. Only the AD part doesn't have a working trust support (yet).

> Can I upgrade to 4.2 staying with NT mode and then switch to AD in
> the future?



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