[Samba] SambaPosix tool

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 6 03:14:50 MST 2014

On 06/11/14 06:57, steve wrote:
> On 05/11/14 23:18, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 05/11/14 22:07, Lars Hanke wrote:
>>> Am 05.11.2014 um 22:31 schrieb Rowland Penny:
>>>> On 05/11/14 21:17, Lars Hanke wrote:
>>>>> As announced several weeks ago, I'd share my tool to manage POSIX
>>>>> attributes in Samba4 AD LDAP.
>>>>> You can find it at https://github.com/laotse/SambaPosix.
>>>>> It works on my particular system, but it is largely untested and
>>>>> weakly documented. But it supports a --dry-run mode, which produces
>>>>> LDIF, if you don't trust the tool. ;)
>>>>> I'll welcome contributions: tests, documentation, comments,
>>>>> extensions, fixes, ...
>>>>> Have fun,
>>>>>  - lars.
>>>> After a quick scan, it would appear that you are adding 'posixAccount'
>>>> to a user, please don't do this, ADUC doesn't do this because the
>>>> 'posix*' objectClasses are auxiliaries of other objectClasses, like
>>>> 'user'.
>>> In a LDAP with schema these would even be required. I accept that M$
>>> doesn't do it, so it might call for another option.
>>> In my particular setup, I did not posixify all users and groups. E.g.
>>> Administrator is no POSIX user. Having the object classes around helps
>>> to filter out these, so nslcd and friends don't have to bother with
>>> incomplete RFC fields. This is to say, I see a benefit in having the
>>> objectClasses. So far I did not encounter problems. Is there any
>>> trouble known?
>>> Regards,
>>>  - lars.
>> OK, I see where you are coming from, but what if you come up with
>> something that requires these objectClasses, but somebody then decides
>> to add a large group of users with ADUC (these will not have the posix
>> objectClasses), these users will not show up in whatever it is that you
>> are using that requires the posix objectClasses. I personally think that
>> it is better to only rely on objectClasses & attributes that ADUC would
>> add, that way you can never have problems caused by the posix
>> objectClasses being there or not.
>> What you have to remember is, you are now dealing with AD not LDAP.
>> Rowland
> It's OK because modern versions of nss-ldapd and sssd look 'behind' 
> the DN for those classes. Here is the arrangement for the nslcd 
> 'ad-backend':
>  /etc/nslcd.conf
> uid your-user
> gid your-group
> #If you do not have the posixAccount class then uncomment filters
> #filter  passwd  (objectClass=user)
> #filter  group (objectClass=group)
> uri ldap://your.site
> base dc=your,dc=site
> map    passwd uid              samAccountName
> map    passwd homeDirectory    unixHomeDirectory
> sasl_mech GSSAPI
> sasl_realm YOUR.SITE
> krb5_ccname /your/ticket
> sssd does it by itself:)
> HTH,
> Steve
This is what I was trying to get at, anything that connects to a Samba4 
AD DC shouldn't expect to find the posix objectClasses, if it does, then 
in my opinion it is broken.

When you see Samba4 AD, then what you are really seeing is just AD and 
AD does not explicitly set the posix objectClasses. To me, this means 
that whatever tool you use to create users and groups, shouldn't add the 
posix objectClasses.


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