[Samba] Solution for: "Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places"

Bo Kersey bo at vircio.com
Tue Nov 4 11:13:41 MST 2014

I may have a solution to this problem but would like any advice on the downside of doing this.  Essentially, I remove role check in nmbd.c as follows:

--- samba-4.1.13.orig/source3/nmbd/nmbd.c
+++ samba-4.1.13/source3/nmbd/nmbd.c
@@ -914,16 +914,6 @@ static bool open_sockets(bool isdaemon,
-	if (lp_server_role() == ROLE_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_DC
-	    && !lp_parm_bool(-1, "server role check", "inhibit", false)) {
-		/* TODO: when we have a merged set of defaults for
-		 * loadparm, we could possibly check if the internal
-		 * nbt server is in the list, and allow a startup if disabled */
-		DEBUG(0, ("server role = 'active directory domain controller' not compatible with running nmbd standalone. \n"));
-		DEBUGADD(0, ("You should start 'samba' instead, and it will control starting the internal nbt server\n"));
-		exit(1);
-	}
 	msg = messaging_init(NULL, server_event_context());
 	if (msg == NULL) {
 		return 1;

Then recompile.
I turn off nbt for the samba4 daemon in /etc/smb.conf

Then I run nmbd instead of samba4's netbios server.  The result is that the samba server shows up in Windows Network Places and everything else seems to be working fine.  

Can anyone tell me why I would not want to do this?  Is there some downside that I'm not seeing?


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