[Samba] Security in relation to samba

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 4 09:04:09 MST 2014

On 04/11/14 15:47, Elias Pereira wrote:
> First of all say that I'm starting in this world of samba. Take it easy! :D
> I would like the opinion of friends, referring to the question below:
> It would be interesting to only keep the Samba4 with its internal ldap, or
> have an external ldap?
HI, sorry, but I don't really understand your question, do you mean, 
'can you use Samba4 with an external ldap or must you use the internal 
ldap ?'

If so, then the answer is yes AND no :-D

Yes, you can use an external ldap, but you would have to set Samba4 up 
just like you would Samba3, or to put it another way, you could not have 
an AD DC.

No, if you want Samba4 to operate like an AD DC, then you must use the 
builtin ldap, this doesn't operate exactly like openldap, but is similar 
and can do virtually everything that openldap can do.


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