[Samba] Samba DNS + caching dns on same box

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Sat Nov 1 18:22:32 MDT 2014

I may be wrong here and am NOT a BIND expert, but my understanding (and 
experience along with documentation) is that BIND, by default, is a 
caching nameserver. When I used BIND at home before Samba 4 was out, it 
cached things perfectly and worked great, even when Roadrunner DNS was 
down. My assumption was that BIND9 working with Samba 4 would be 
similar. DNS requests for domain information (ie: a workstation or 
network device) would be handled by that dynamic S4 zone, cached or not. 
Everything else (such as a lookup for google.com) would be forwarded to 
the external DNS and the result cached on my local BIND server. After 
all, if BIND caches by default, is there a reason this wouldn't work 
just because I added the S4 DLZ?

On 11/1/2014 2:59 PM, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> Am 01.11.2014 um 14:38 schrieb steve:
>>> If you would use BIND9_DLZ, then you could configure BIND to just listen
>>> on localhost, while Samba does on all interaces. But in that case, you
>>> can use BIND at all. ;-)
>> Eh? What does, '...you can use BIND at all. :-)', mean?
> I think it doesn't make much sense, to do the following on one host:
> Samba <- BIND <- caching DNS
> The the other caching DNS can be skipped and BIND can to that job.
> Regards,
> Marc

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