[Samba] DC2 d­enie­s ac­cess­ whe­n sa­­ving ­throu­gh th­e Gro­

?icro MEGAS micromegas at mail333.com
Sat Nov 1 15:51:16 MDT 2014

> The idmap db must be in place _before_ you call samba on the newly 
> installed DC. Roll back to your backup _before_ you joined the second 
> DC, remove all traces of samba on DC2 and install anew. Then:
> 1. Join DC2
> 2. copy idmap database
> 3. sysvolreset
> 4. samba
> 5. Wait for the replication to stop before fiddling.
> HTH,
> José

Hi José,

but I did it exactly that way and order when I installed DC2. I did step-by-step according the wiki/tutorial.

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