[Samba] DNS information, again...

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Sat Nov 1 06:18:09 MDT 2014

Alright, I believe something is very wrong here, but I have no idea what 
it is. DNS is not updating to my Linux servers running Samba, DNS, and 
DHCP. However, on a virtual domain using Server 2008 R2 and WIndows 7 
clients, DNS gets updated. The following was done from a domain 
controller on the domain in question. I also ran "samba_dnsupdate 
--verbose" and it claims that no updates are required.

root at dc02:~# host balcony.kigm.local
balcony.kigm.local has address
root at dc02:~# nbtscan
Doing NBT name scan for addresses from

IP address       NetBIOS Name     Server    User             MAC address
------------------------------------------------------------------------------    BALCONY          <server>  <unknown>

As you can see, this is a conflict. The correct address ends in 106 
today, but it may be 1 tomorrow thanks to DHCP. So is there something 
extra I need to do to get WIndows 7 clients to update DNS entries? This 
is causing a few problems with mapped drives and such.

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