[Samba] Schema attributes changes after AD extension

Bruno Andrade bma at eurotux.com
Fri May 30 05:15:48 MDT 2014


I extend my AD with some new attributes, but I make some mistakes on the 
way and now I'm trying to modify those wrong attributes entries, like 
isSingleValued and oMSyntax.

I'm following these guide - 
- to make the changes. I go to LDP.exe, connect and bind to LDAP and try 
to make the changes on "schemaUpgradeInProgress" attribute and it 
outputs this:

***Call Modify...
ldap_modify_s(ld, '(null)',[1] attrs);
Modified "".

I don't know if the change was really made. If I go to ADSI Editor, I 
change the attributes and then it shows a message saying that I server 
is not available, but it is.

Does anyone have a similar problem, that can help me?

Kind Regards,
Bruno Andrade.

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