[Samba] Can login as Guest from server, but not from workstation?

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu May 29 15:33:45 MDT 2014

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 08:43:23PM -0000, Scott Ballantyne wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a long-running samba einstallation on Freebsd, with various
> incarnations of windows from XP through Vista and Windows 7 all
> working flawlessly. Recently we added a media computer (TVIX) and
> decided to use Samba to serve the files to the TVIX. This is when my
> misery began..
> The TVIX requires the share to be TVIXHD1 and accessed via the Guest
> account (it is not very flexible about changing options). So I created
> the share:
> comment = MEDIA FILES
> path = /var/VIDEONFS
> read only = no
> guest ok  = yes
> public = yes
> I didn't use guest only, because we want people to be able to access
> this share normally also. I added the 'nobody' user to the password
> database using pdbedit, so I could use the default user for
> Guest. Testing with smbclient -U Guest prompts for a password, but
> when I just hit return, I get the share with no problem.
> However, trying to access the share from the TVIX machine provides no
> joy. Setting the debug level to 3, what I see when the TVIX tries to
> login is
> 1) A call to check_ntlm_password, which checks for the unmapped user
>    []\[Guest]@[], mapped user is [NS]\[Guest]@[]
> Couldn't find user 'Guest' in passdb and fails. It then repeats this
> exact sequence, and fails again.
> Comparing the logfiles with the succesful login from the sever using
> smbclient
> 1) check_ntlm_passwrd, unmapped user [SSRCOM]\[Guest]@[NS]
>                        mapped user [NS]\[Guest]@[NS]

Looks like your client is requesting access
as an account literally called "SSRCOM\Guest".

Look at the smb.conf "map to guest" parameter.
You probably need "map to guest = Bad User".


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