[Samba] Can login as Guest from server, but not from workstation?

Scott Ballantyne sdb at ssr.com
Thu May 29 14:43:23 MDT 2014


I have a long-running samba einstallation on Freebsd, with various
incarnations of windows from XP through Vista and Windows 7 all
working flawlessly. Recently we added a media computer (TVIX) and
decided to use Samba to serve the files to the TVIX. This is when my
misery began..

The TVIX requires the share to be TVIXHD1 and accessed via the Guest
account (it is not very flexible about changing options). So I created
the share:

comment = MEDIA FILES
path = /var/VIDEONFS
read only = no
guest ok  = yes
public = yes

I didn't use guest only, because we want people to be able to access
this share normally also. I added the 'nobody' user to the password
database using pdbedit, so I could use the default user for
Guest. Testing with smbclient -U Guest prompts for a password, but
when I just hit return, I get the share with no problem.

However, trying to access the share from the TVIX machine provides no
joy. Setting the debug level to 3, what I see when the TVIX tries to
login is

1) A call to check_ntlm_password, which checks for the unmapped user
   []\[Guest]@[], mapped user is [NS]\[Guest]@[]

Couldn't find user 'Guest' in passdb and fails. It then repeats this
exact sequence, and fails again.

Comparing the logfiles with the succesful login from the sever using

1) check_ntlm_passwrd, unmapped user [SSRCOM]\[Guest]@[NS]
                       mapped user [NS]\[Guest]@[NS]

Can't find user 'Guest' in passdb and fails. As above, it continues to
do repeat the authentication, but this time uses an empty password,
instead of the same one:

2) check_ntlm_password: unmapped user []\[]@[] 
                        mapped user []\[]@[]

and then it says guest authenticatl for user [] succeeded with user
name nobody.

Can someone tell me how to get this to happen for the client machine?

Thanks so much.

sdb at ssr.com

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