[Samba] Attributes on Extended AD disappeared...

Bruno Andrade bma at eurotux.com
Wed May 28 08:32:38 MDT 2014


I'm trying to extend my AD. For that, I start by adding to smb.conf, 
under globals, this line: "dsdb:schema update allowed = true"

After that, I restart samba4 and installed Active Directory Schema tools 
on a windows machine. I logged on with Administrator account and started 
adding attributes. After some attributes, 12 approximately, the 
connections to domain goes down and some processes, samba and smbd, 
start to 100% cpu.

Another thing, as I was adding attributes to AD, I was confirming that 
were getting created. After some time I re-checked some of that 
attributes and they had dissapeared from that file.

Is there anybody with similar problems or know what can causes this??

Thanks in advance.

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