[Samba] terminology: what is cifs and smb?

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Sun May 25 13:17:02 MDT 2014


Many samba devs call smb3 smb 2.2 so those are basically the same. Mount.cifs is kernel/distro specific since it calls the kernel smb/cifs mounting routines. For example the Rhel5/6 kernel and mount.cifs can only mount smb v1.

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Subject: [Samba] terminology: what is cifs and smb? 
I have to explain what cifs and smb are. And smb2 and maybe smb3. I can
wikipedia most of it but a lot of it doesn't agree. Specifically, what
am I using when I do mount.cifs?

This says that cifs is no longer:

If anyone has 5 mins b4 2moro mornin CEST

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