[Samba] Behavior of deprecated share security with user security

Jobin, Gaël gael.jobin at switzerlandmail.ch
Sat May 24 08:47:27 MDT 2014


Hi Louis, 

Le 24.05.2014 15:57, L.P.H. van Belle a écrit : 

> This is a very simple samba4 setup. 
> ( debian wheezy sernet-samba 4.1.7 ) 
> [global]
> workgroup = Private
> server string = Samba Server Version %v
> netbios name = Mediamonster
> log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
> max log size = 50
> guest ok = yes
> security = user
> map to guest = Bad Password

I was trying to resolve this issue several month ago without any success
even after posting on some forums. I decided to investigate more a few
days ago and finally came on that mailinglist. Here it is ! The problem
come from my different accounts on my Samba server and other computers.
I have everywhere (Samba server, one dual boot laptop and another dual
boot pc => 5 accounts) the same username but each time a different
password... So my guess was correct about Windows trying to send the
local credential before asking for login/password. THE solution is your
beautiful option "map to guest = Bad Password" instead of "map to guest
= Bad User" that I missed... 

My Samba server denied the access instead of mapping to the guest
account because the username that Windows tried to send already exists
on my Samba server and the paswords don't match... So now it's working
fine with the new option ;-) 

By the way, I just discovered an option that simplify the login: "map
untrusted to domain = yes" means it doesn't take the domain name coming
with your credentials, so you can just enter the <username> and
<password> instead of <domain><username> and <password>. 

I'm quite happy right now ahaha :-) 

A huge thank to you Louis and for the time you spend helping me !!! 




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