[Samba] I've gone full circle now, let's start over

Raymond raymond at joburgtheatre.com
Thu May 22 23:26:10 MDT 2014

Hi guys, following on this what would happen with ESXi server that runs
replication between 2 VM's? There is only one VM that gets replicated 
via the ESXi server replication software and the replication is not done via
copy or rsync between two samba AD's on OS level. 

That should be fine but my only concern is that if something goes wrong and
you do not catch it in time then the problem will be replicated also.

So if you do have a snapshot of the VM before the problem and you revert
back to that snapshot the SAMBA AD should then be fine but will you need to
re-join the PC's to the domain or will they just carry one working?


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Am 22.05.2014 17:39, schrieb Marcel de Reuver:
> To get to know Smaba4 you can setup a workstation Windows or Linux, 
> install Oracle's VirtualBox and setup your first Samba4 ADDC.....
> Before every change in configuration take a snapshot and return to 
> this snapshot when something went wrong.
> You can also setup a virtual machine as Windows client and manage 
> Samba4 from that client.

Virtual Machines are great for testing, but keep this in mind:

Restoring a Client to a previous state sometimes makes it loose connection
to Active Directory. Then it must be taken out and back in again. Annoying,
but sometimes I had do do it. No other side effects seen so far.

I assume that restoring the server to a previous state can cause this as
well, but for all clients at once.

Warning: Having two AD replicated servers and restoring one of them to a
previous state can probably cause serious damage to the Active Directory

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