[Samba] Samba Access Linux with Windows 2008 R2 DC

Jason G Chang jasonc at infinityward.com
Thu May 22 14:22:43 MDT 2014

Your uid/gid is exactly the same. I'm sure you are getting the same uid/gid
with other users as well.
Can you post your smb.conf?

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I get the following:

root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved/AddToDCScripts# wbinfo -i demland\\daved

This looks good to me, I think.

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What do you get if you do wbinfo -i <domain>/<username>? Also do you see
uid/gid assignment when you do getent passwd <domain>/<username>?

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I am having a problem with accessing a Samba share from a Windows 7 system.
I think I have the Samba system configured correctly because I can join the

root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved/AddToDCScripts# net rpc join -U Administrator
Enter Administrator's password:
Joined domain DEMLAND.

I can use the smbclient to access the domain controller without a problem:

root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved# smbclient \\\\\\C$ -U
Administrator Enter Administrator's password:
Domain=[DEMLAND] OS=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 7601 Service Pack 1]
Server=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 6.1]
smb: \> ls
  $INPLACE.~TR                       DH        0  Sat May 15 21:31:09 2010
  $Recycle.Bin                      DHS        0  Sat Jun 26 23:09:51 2010
  $WINDOWS.~Q                        DH        0  Sat May 15 20:55:24 2010
  blicFolders                         A 13534191  Thu Sep  6 17:31:58 2012
  Cache                               D        0  Wed Jan 23 22:22:39 2013
  Config.Msi                        DHS        0  Thu May 15 23:48:13 2014
  DNN                                 D        0  Sun Feb 10 20:11:58 2013
  Documents and Settings            DHS        0  Mon Jul 13 22:06:44 2009
  inetpub                             D        0  Tue May 18 20:41:25 2010
  pagefile.sys                      AHS 8580583424  Wed May  7 08:39:53 2014
  PerfLogs                            D        0  Mon Jul 13 20:20:08 2009
  Program Files                      DR        0  Mon Aug 29 21:26:58 2011
 Program Files (x86)                DR        0  Sun May 18 22:35:58 2014
  ProgramData                        DH        0  Thu Sep  6 13:47:33 2012
  PublicFolders                       D        0  Wed May 14 22:22:51 2014
  Recovery                          DHS        0  Sat May 15 20:59:39 2010
  ServerVMs                           D        0  Sun Aug 26 23:13:51 2012
  System Volume Information         DHS        0  Tue May 18 23:01:37 2010
  Users                              DR        0  Fri Sep 10 16:16:10 2010
  VBService                           D        0  Sat May  1 18:50:09 2010
  vms                                 D        0  Tue Sep 18 23:46:26 2012
  Windows                             D        0  Wed May  7 08:15:00 2014

                38143 blocks of size 8388608. 21379 blocks available
smb: \> exit

I see that I have the user and groups being accessed:

root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved# wbinfo -u UBUNTU-SERVER\daved
UBUNTU-SERVER\root DEMLAND\administrator DEMLAND\guest
DEMLAND\virtualboxuser DEMLAND\krbtgt DEMLAND\daved DEMLAND\debbied
DEMLAND\svccopssh DEMLAND\clarkd DEMLAND\sshd
root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved# wbinfo -g DEMLAND\domain computers
DEMLAND\domain controllers DEMLAND\schema admins DEMLAND\enterprise admins
DEMLAND\cert publishers DEMLAND\domain admins DEMLAND\domain users
DEMLAND\domain guests DEMLAND\group policy creator owners DEMLAND\ras and
ias servers DEMLAND\allowed rodc password replication group DEMLAND\denied
rodc password replication group DEMLAND\read-only domain controllers
DEMLAND\enterprise read-only domain controllers DEMLAND\dnsadmins
DEMLAND\vpn users

Yet I cannot access the shared folder on my Linux system. The smbclinet

root at ubuntu-server:/home/daved/AddToDCScripts# smbclient
/ -U daved Enter daved's password:
Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT)

When I try to access the share from the Windows 7 I just keep getting
prompted for a user name and password. What am I missing?

Thank You,

David Demland

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