[Samba] Trouble with dual domain authorization

Jason G Chang jasonc at infinityward.com
Thu May 22 10:22:53 MDT 2014

In our environment, we established trust relationship between the two
domains with AD. 

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Hello everyone,

I've got the following situation:

We have parent domain X and child domain Y.

We're decommissioning domain Y. We're currently busy with dual domain
authorization so users from both domain X and domain Y can log in and browse
the shares.

However, for some reason when I change the workgroup and realm to domain X
and set the pam_ldap.conf and libnss-ldap.conf to both domains, all users
from domain Y will be asked to login when trying to access a share. This is
a problem for us because some accounts run services that rely on those
shares so they have to be able to login automatically. Is this perhaps a
trust issue? Can you give me any advice?

Kind regards,


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