[Samba] Samba 4 / Sage connection manager

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Mon May 19 13:49:51 MDT 2014


> Has anyone successfully gotten the Sage connection manager to work off 
> of a Samba4 share?

I haven't tried with samba4 specifically, but I wasted many hours trying
to get their linux implementation running.  As I recall, they had some
instructions online for storing the accounting files on a linux file
server, but you had to have very specific versions of each software, all
but a few of which were out of date before the instructions were even
published.  Bottom line is connection manager is a windows program that
needs to run on a windows system and sage doesn't want you running it on
anything else. 

> This is my my only hold back for a handful of customers, support from 
> Sage is non existent :/

probably around 90% of my customers use sage software, so I understand
the frustration of trying to integrate their systems into a linux
infrastructure.  Their products are very tightly integrated with
microsoft, and customers will not give up their products.  You can beat
your head on that wall trying to change it, or you can build your
networks to just deal with it.  my $.02.

> -- 
> JD Daniels

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