[Samba] MS Remote Desktop issue related to Samba 4 ?

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Wed May 14 04:36:56 MDT 2014

Am 14.05.2014 10:14, schrieb Andreas Oster:
>> Just to make sure, that I've fully understand your situation: You try
>> logging into a workstation via RDP using a domain account. The login
>> process hangs forever until you shutdown the samba process of the DC,
>> that handles the login? If you shut down Samba, the login continues
>> and you get successfully logged in with RDP?
> yes, exactly.  I have three DCs, so if I disable samba4 on the DC the
> client is currently using
> the login moves forward from the stuck welcome screen and succeeds.

I'm still guessing that there is a GPO, logonscript or something like 
that, which causes this. I tried RDP in my test environment, too and see 
no problems.

Maybe an ACL on a GPO, logon script, share, etc. denies access and the 
client had to wait for one or more timeouts.

Can you try it with a user account, that doesn't have a logonscript, any 
share mappings, etc. Maybe use a completely fresh account, just to make 
sure, that nothing like auto-mapping shares exists in the user profile. 
And maybe disable all GPOs.

Do you see anything in the _Windows_ Event log?


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