[Samba] MS Remote Desktop issue related to Samba 4 ?

Andreas Oster aoster at novanetwork.de
Tue May 13 23:37:27 MDT 2014

Am 13.05.2014 19:41, schrieb Andy Durant:
> This again points to a DNS issue.  If you check your event logs on the
> client, you should be able to pull more info.
> Double and triple check your DNS setup, both on the clients and servers
> and make sure you can resolve all the DCS from the client. Its a fairly
> common problem with active directory and DNS.
> I suspect if you left it long enough, you would find that it eventually
> logs in, and you can successfully login. I've ran into this many times
> and occasionally I've waited 20 minutes for everything to fail and
> timeout before the desktop appeared.
> Andy
> <snip>
>> >
>> Hello Linda,
>> in my RDP client I can see the Welcome screen  with the clircle
>> spinning forever. Unfortunately when the client screen was locked
>> before I try to connect it is afterwards not possible to unlock the
>> desktop anymore and I have to hard reboot the machine
>> RDP is enabled and users have been added.
>> I can however RDP to a machine using a local account without a problem.
>> I will check the logs again tomorrow.
>> Thanks
>> best regards
>> Andreas
Hello Andy,

can you please describe how you have checked/tested your DNS setup ?
I tested with nslookup from the machine I want to connect to and could
successfully resolve the client and the DCs by their names and IPs.
Anything else I need to verify regarding DNS ?


best regards


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