[Samba] MS Remote Desktop issue related to Samba 4 ?

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Tue May 13 10:38:20 MDT 2014

Andreas Oster wrote:
> We are unable to connect to Win7 machines (all available latest patches
> installed) via RDP after they have been joined to the domain. We have
> made sure, that RDP is enabled and the firewall exceptions are in place.
> We actually tried with firewall turned off, also. When trying to connect
> with an AD account we get to the welcome screen but not further. 
    What do you mean by you "get to the "welcome screen but not further"?

    The only welcome message I see is when it is in the final stages 
(I've been
authenticated) and then it goes on to show me the desktop.

    I would think it is checking permissions then.  Does it just hang? or
is there any message?

    Are you sure the login you are using to RDP is permitted on the client
to login remotely?  I.e. if you go to the system properties page
(controlpanel->system, "advanced system settings", then select the 'Remote'
tab -- bottom section shows where you can select which users are allowed.

    Might check the event logs on the target system to see if it says
anything about any attempts to login via remote-desktop...

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