[Samba] Suggestions please about what I need.

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Mon May 12 09:40:56 MDT 2014

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>> I hate to use that "noob" word, but in this case I think it might be
>> proper.
>> Our company is getting ready to get rid of Netware and start using
>> Samba. It will require that users log in and by doing so, have a login
>> script map drives to particular drive letters base on either their user
>> or group.
> Samba can do this
>> I've been administering Centos servers for quite a while. I have no
>> problem with managing the Linux servers, but Samba appears to be a
>> completely unique subject on its own, much like Sendmail, etc. I've read
>> "Using Samba", and about anything else I can get my hands on, including
>> as much of the "Howto" matter on the Samba site. I still have no idea
>> how complex of a setup I need (AD or not, things like that). I don't
>> think we'll be doing things like installing licensed software from the
>> server, mostly just as I stated above.
>> For now, I'm fairly certain I'll use the Sernet installation. I'll be
>> retiring soon, and I want to make things as easy as possible for
>> whomever takes over. It'd be great if whatever I end up with has some
>> form of GUI for managing users, groups, and shares, but not necessary.
>> The person managing our Netware will be the one assuming this Samba
>> responsibilty. No Linux experience, so the Gui would make it nice as
>> they learn the ropes of LInux.
>> I'm looking for suggestions here for what level of installation I need.
>> I'm sure once I get something installed, I can determine if it's the
>> right way or not. Starting over is not off the table, but it'd be nice
>> to get a clue before starting. Seems the more I read, the more confused
>> I get. So much to Samba and the way it can be set up. I'm not much of a
>> Windows server admin, which is perhaps the biggest problem.
> Now, it depend what you want to do.
> Just a file-server ?
> Do you want a have a DC (Active Directory) or a PDC (NT4-Domain) too ?
> If you need a good and easy tools for monitoring samba service and data
> replication, you can look LifeKeeper.
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Not being the Windows guy here, I'm not sure whether a DC or PDC/BDC 
would best server us. To tell the truth, I'm not sure what either really 
is or does. I just know that while trying to follow the examples, I was 
under the impression that a DC was the same thing as the PDC.

I was trying to figure out whether I needed users to be part of a 
Workgroup or a Domain.

I'm hoping the Windows guy can clarify this as we install this together. 
It's not looking easy by any means.


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