[Samba] recycle: ... returned No such file or directory

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Sat May 10 16:17:29 MDT 2014

Leander Schäfer wrote:
> Hi Linda
> no there is fortuntely no DOS in the net ;) ... there is only Windows 
> XP, 7, 8, Server 2k3, 2k8, 2k12 and several MacOSx beginning from 
> SnowLeopard up to Mavericks. I thought, since FreeBSD got tought to 
> use UTF-8 and Windows only knows the castrated charset ISO8859-15 it 
> is a requirement to convert between the both with this weired setting 
> - but this may also a lack of knowledge of me. So can you confirm the 
> translation between charset will be done even if the setting in 
> smb4.conf only lokks like your suggestion?
Windows NT (w2k/xp and above) uses, AT LEAST UCS-2 (64K chars) which is 
good for
up to about Unicode 2.0, Most applications use UTF-16 (UCS-2 with the 
ability to 2-16-bit
words for some characters (i.e. like UTF-8 uses 1-4 characters for 
Unicode) that supports,
enough extra 64K 'planes' to support all of unicode.  I regularly use 
UTF-8 in filenames
on linux and they display 'fine' on windows, though windows unicode 
coverage isn't
as good as linux's.  Windows doesn't have any easy ways to config 
alternate font's to cover
specific ranges -- it's _mostly_ into defining fonts / 16-bit plane, 
which doesn't work
well at all.  That's all an aside, though -- really.  You don't need the 
cp1252 setting
anymore.  Haven't since Win-ME/Win98 for the most part. 

> display charset=UTF-8

May 10 10:24:15 Storage-01 smbd[15098]:   Ignoring unknown parameter 
"display charset"
Must not be in samba4.  (Haven't upgraded yet as it doesn't seem to 
offer any benefit, and
may offer some performance hit, dunno -- at one point samba4 wasn't as 
good a 'file server'
as samba3 was.  I don't recall any announcement to the contrary, but 
it's likely improved.

Smbd is cpu bound on full speed reads/writes and is the limiting factor 
in getting
better throughput.... (sigh).

Ok... one other thing that's odd on your problem.

1) is it only umlauts?  Which unicode letters are you using?

i.e. when I tried my test, there are letter and a combining diarhesis 
then there is the preferred form where the umlauts are already combined with
the vowels.

I would try to get rid of the dos charset.  It's supposed to only be for DOS

What recycle module are you using ??

I wonder if the recycle module you are using is mistranslating something and
then can't find the file to move to the .recycle bin, thus it bounces it 
back into
the starting directory.

Given everything else you've said, it's the only thing that makes any sense.

Sorry not more help...

> Am 10.05.14 05:37, schrieb Linda W:
>> Leander Schäfer wrote:
>>> I have following settings in my smb4.conf
>>> [ ... ]
>>>   # Charset
>>>   unix charset       = UTF-8
>>>   dos charset        = cp1252
>> ----
>> BTW -- are you really using DOS?? Setting that for Windows NT might 
>> cause problems.
>> Only charset param I have in my smb.conf(3.6.22) is:
>> display charset=UTF-8

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