[Samba] Advisable to upgrade Samba4 Server from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu May 8 11:52:07 MDT 2014

>> Any reason to upgrade existing servers to 14.04 from 12.04?

MM> The question is: Do _you_ see a reason or a need to upgrade? If not, why
MM> should you? ;-)

 >> Best practices with Samba?

MM> What do you want to move to a new OS? Samba AD DC, Samba NT4-style PDC,
MM> Samba Member Server,...?

I'll pipe in here:

I, personally, would like to stay current with Ubuntu's LTS servers.
[I've got a number of AD servers on 12.04]

Now, I know that 14.04 is brand new and those of us without masochistic
tendencies would probably be advised to wait for other poor souls to
crucify themselves hanging out on the bleeding edge - but you know
_someone_ has got to be the first sucker over the edge sometime. :)

I think the general question is: has anyone been over the cliff? Is
the water fine, or did the piranha's strip all the flesh off the poor



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