[Samba] NFSv4 acls inheritance flags

Dante Colo dante.colo at stwbrasil.com
Wed May 7 06:25:06 MDT 2014

Hi people, 

I'm testing Samba 4.0.17 running as classic pdc mode under FreeBSD 10 and 9.2 , all shares are on ZFS volumes, i would like to use UFS instead of ZFS , but according the wiki page https://wiki.freebsd.org/NFSv4_ACLs nfsv4 inheritance flags works only with ZFS , i tried the parameters inherit acls and inherit permissions with module vfs_zfsacl on the UFS shares but got no success , are they work for NFSv4 acls or only POSIX ? 

Dante F. B. Colò 

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