[Samba] samba 3.6.6 office 2010, write protection on files

Martin Feldbacher martin.feldbacher at stegbauer.info
Mon May 5 03:06:36 MDT 2014

but if I set the sticky bit, I have the same problem like now? 

the users of the group should be able to open the files without writeprotection. right now, only the user who created the file, is able to open it without writeprotection. 

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Set the sticky bit for the group 

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I'm using samba version 3.6.6 on debian wheezy and windows 7 clients with 
office 2010, on my samba share I've the following settings: 

comment = CAD 
path = /mnt/samba-daten/work/webdav/cad writable = yes valid users = root, 
@cad, @fg-domuser admin users = abc, def, ghi create mask = 0770 force 
create mode = 0770 directory mask = 0770 force directory mode = 0770 veto 
oplock files = /*.xlsx/*.xls/*.XLS/*.docx/*.doc/*.DOC /*.prt/ /*.PRT/ 
/*.sldprt/ /*.SLDPRT/ /*.slddrw/ /*.SLDDRW/ /*$ vfs objects = recycle 
recycle:keeptree = yes recycle:touch = Yes recycle:versions = Yes 
recycle:maxsize = 1000000 recycle:exclude = *.tmp recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp 
recycle:repository = Papierkorb/%U inherit acls = yes inherit permissions = 
yes #inherit owner = yes # 
map hidden = no 
map archive = no 
map readonly = no 
store dos attributes = yes 
dos filemode = yes 

users in the group 'cad' can create xlsx and docx files with office 2010, 
but everybody else in this group can only open this files in write-protected 
if I check the settings on windows with rightclick->settings the checkbox 
with 'write-protection' is set on the whole folder.. 

on linux the folder rights are 
drwxrwx---+ 68 www-data cad 
and the file rights 
-rwxrwx---+ 1 user fg-domuser 7767 Apr 28 11:35 test.xlsx 

it should be possible that every user is allowed to open files on this 
share-folder without writeprotection, any ideas how to handle this? 

would be thankfull for every hint! 


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