[Samba] samba 3.6.6 office 2010, write protection on files

Martin Feldbacher martin.feldbacher at stegbauer.info
Mon May 5 02:27:15 MDT 2014


I'm using samba version 3.6.6 on debian wheezy and windows 7 clients with office 2010, on my samba share I've the following settings: 

comment = CAD 
path = /mnt/samba-daten/work/webdav/cad 
writable = yes 
valid users = root, @cad, @fg-domuser 
admin users = abc, def, ghi 
create mask = 0770 
force create mode = 0770 
directory mask = 0770 
force directory mode = 0770 
veto oplock files = /*.xlsx/*.xls/*.XLS/*.docx/*.doc/*.DOC /*.prt/ /*.PRT/ /*.sldprt/ /*.SLDPRT/ /*.slddrw/ /*.SLDDRW/ /*$ 
vfs objects = recycle 
recycle:keeptree = yes 
recycle:touch = Yes 
recycle:versions = Yes 
recycle:maxsize = 1000000 
recycle:exclude = *.tmp 
recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp 
recycle:repository = Papierkorb/%U 
inherit acls = yes 
inherit permissions = yes 
#inherit owner = yes 
# http://ww3.cad.de/foren/ubb/Forum2/HTML/010834.shtml 
map hidden = no 
map archive = no 
map readonly = no 
store dos attributes = yes 
dos filemode = yes 

users in the group 'cad' can create xlsx and docx files with office 2010, but everybody else in this group can only open this files in write-protected mode. 
if I check the settings on windows with rightclick->settings the checkbox with 'write-protection' is set on the whole folder.. 

on linux the folder rights are 
drwxrwx---+ 68 www-data cad 
and the file rights 
-rwxrwx---+ 1 user fg-domuser 7767 Apr 28 11:35 test.xlsx 

it should be possible that every user is allowed to open files on this share-folder without writeprotection, any ideas how to handle this? 

would be thankfull for every hint! 


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