[Samba] Auth fail getpwuid(3000007) failed

Leander Schäfer info at netocean.de
Sat May 3 08:25:43 MDT 2014

It seems to work without winbindd - clients are connecting. Where would 
I usually run into trouble without it, since I run a standalone server? 
/var/log/messages and the samba logs don't seem to complain - even 
though it is a bit hard to tell with samba logs, since samba is flippn 
freaking noisy - or lets rather say: the logs are not intuitively 
transparent ;)

Since it is a standalone setup - according to my understanding it should 
also not be required to define

dns forwarder   = ${My_Primary_DNS_Server}

but it should be

server role        = standalone server

in my smb4.conf, right?


Am 03.05.14 16:10, schrieb Rowland Penny:
>> Thanks for the info. It is still unclear to me whether I need 
>> winbindd or not for my standalone Samba server?!
> Probably not, easy to find out, just stop the winbind daemon (if it is 
> running)
> Rowland 

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