[Samba] Perf enhancements in Samba4.1 related to SMB2.1 / SMB3.0 protocol

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri May 2 16:55:38 MDT 2014

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 05:28:35PM +0530, sp bglr wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> My doubts are for Samba4.1  performance related enhancements (SMB2.1 / SMB3.0).
> My experimental samba server hardware  is running 4.1 version. Want to
> improve robocopy WRITE  throughput from a two samba client machines
> (win7 or win8 or server2012  x86 servers).
> Someone please advice me how can I use SMB2.1 or SMB3.0 capabilities
> to improve WRITE throughput.  I tried samba4.1  earlier but not seeing
> any WRITE MBps  going up  (compared with samba 3.6.8 on same
> hardware).
> To enable SMB2.1 or SMB3.0  perf. enhancements  please suggest if
> 1) any thing(s) need to be added in smb.conf or
> 2) need to compile samba4.1 with some special options or
> 3) samba client systems need some tuning
> 4) or any other pointers

Tuning systems is a very complex skill. If you're
working for a vendor you might want to get professional

Otherwise look in the samba-technical mailing list
archives for all the non-blocking/recvfile/asynchronous IO
posts. There are a lot, too many to quickly summarize

Also if you're on Linux you might want to look into
writing your own kernel recvfile call to replace
the broken splice() interface. Many vendors have
already done this.


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