[Samba] Migrating AD server

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri May 2 11:05:54 MDT 2014

Hello Listas,

Am 02.05.2014 18:35, schrieb Listas de Correo:
> Thanks for your comment.
>> If the new server is having the same name and IP, you could transfer the
>> databases directly if it's the same plattform. If not, then the steps you've
>> listed are neccessary.
> My initial idea was to use another name and IP, but if it's easier and
> safer to keep the same name and IP, then it's ok to do that. In this
> case, how should I transfer the database? just copying the files using
> rsync? (I guess in that case I should use the -X option to maintain
> extended attributes, rigtht?)

I think it's less work, when the demote doesn't work clean, as it sounds 
in the past from some users on the list. If you have to manually remove 
entries in the databases, I think the "keep IP and name" way is easier 
if you can go this way.

- Backup!
- Setup the new server with the same IP and name.
- Copy your samba installation to the new host (use 'tar --xattrs', 
'rsync --xattrs' or what ever prevents the extended attributes). Put it 
exactly to the same location than it was before (e. g. /usr/local/samba/)
- Re-compile Samba (same version!) on the new host with the same 
'configure' options and 'make install' over (just to make sure, that the 
binaries are linked to whatever your new system is shipped with).
- Start Samba
- Testing (directory replication, logon, etc.)

>> # samba-tool domain demote
>> I'm not sure, how clean the demote process currently works. We had a few
>> postings in the past about problems, because of remaining entries, that had
>> to be removed manually.
>> If I have time, I can try the demote process on the weekend in my test
>> environment and give a feedback.
> It would be great if you could do that and give some feedback :)

I'll try putting this into a HowTo for the Wiki. But I can't promise if 
this weekend. I'm currently working on two other HowTos. So less time 
and so much work... :-)


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