[Samba] how to count the network flow of samba in linux server

hnuzhoulin at gmail.com hnuzhoulin at gmail.com
Fri May 2 02:23:21 MDT 2014

I have a storage server to provide samba service.
Now I want to count total network flow which through samba .

I tried ipac-ng which use iptables to count.But the port in the server is ranged when a client connect to it.
so I  first need to get the port and then add iptables rule in real time when a new client connect the server.
if so,the iptables rules become much,and when a packet come in or get out ,it will match hunderds of rules first,
the stability of the server looks bleak.

So,can you give me some advices about this?
Thanks so much.

hnuzhoulin at gmail.com

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