[Samba] Samba 4 Slow Performance

Dante Colo dante.colo at stwbrasil.com
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Sorry invade this thread but I have a similar issue too, i'm testing samba 4.0.16 running on Debian 6.0.9 for about , file transfers are slower on active directory role mode on shares without ACL's support, what i did to improve the smb performance on my network is adding the parameters SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF with value 32768 , sincerely i have no idea yet what the relation of AD role mode with network socket buffers but it really worked for my gigabit network , now the only thing which is really taking to much time to do is applying ntfs permissions on folders from Windows machines , everything else is ok. 

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On 08/05/2013 08:05 AM, Matthieu Patou wrote: 
> On 07/27/2013 08:20 AM, Kinglok, Fong wrote: 
>> Dear all, 
>> After using samba 3 for two years, I have just spent totally one week 
>> finishing setting up a samba 4 file system in my working school. 
>> There are about 200 computers, 80+ staff, 1000 students and 10 
>> printers. The AD was properly setup, mandatory profile and one GPO 
>> policy (which is printer download trust) is effective for all users. 
>> Logon script is for mapping four shares and 10 printers from the file 
>> server. Also, I have setup two additional DCs (with AD replication 
>> and DHCP server) for two other subnets in the hope to speed up the 
>> logon process. 
>> The benefits of Samba 4 are clear: more robust file serving 
>> (supporting the windows ACL), speedy printing (with the help of point 
>> and printer driver) and administration of AD through with windows 
>> remote admin tool. However, logon speed is just far from good. 
>> In the days of Samba 3.6, users can logon the system within 20 
>> seconds, even with more than 80 users logon in the same time (two 
>> classes students login during computer lesson). Now, with only one 
>> user logging in (who is me), it takes nearly 60 seconds to do the 
>> logon. I have tried disabling drive and printer mapping in logon 
>> script and applying a registry hack (note 1) shorten the profile 
>> waiting time in windows 7 client side but it makes no difference in 
>> logon speed. 
>> I have taken a look on the document in sambaXP 2013: 
>> http://sambaxp.org/fileadmin/user_upload/SambaXP2013-DATA/thu/track1/Matthieu_Patou-Smaller_Faster_Scalier.pdf 
>> and two thread in samba-technical mailing list: 
>> https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2013-January/089755.html 
>> https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2013-May/092332.html 
>> It seems that samba team is doing some great work in spotting the 
>> unindexed search in LDB as one of block in performance. Certainly, I 
>> can wait for the new version 4.0.X for the boost of performance. 
>> However, I am in deep panic when lessons are going to be launched on 
>> 1st September 2013 here in Hong Kong. Are there any patches so that I 
>> can a hot / dirty fix? 
> I don't think the problem is in the database in your case, can you do a 
> tcpdump trace starting just before the client is logging on and stopping 
> it after the logon (ie the 60 sec or so), see 
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Capture_Packets on how to the tcpdump 
> capture. 
> With this trace we should be able to see where is the delay. 
> Matthieu. 

i have simillar problem. I use SL6.5, ext4, samba-4.1.6. I have migrate 
from samba3 with classicupgrade. On samba3 i didnt use ACLs. After 
migrate i turn on ACLs on all filestems in fstab. After migrate to 
samba4 was very slow user logoff. I didnt set any acls on filesystems. I 
find some people have acls in their profiles in all files, but large 
majority of people have acls only in changed files. Then I use setfacl 
for all people and now is very very very slow all. After that I turn off 
acls in fstab and all is in normal. Can you tell me what I have wrong 
with acls? 
Michal Boruvka 

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