[Samba] Local account login failed when samba join to LDAP

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 31 06:04:00 MDT 2014

On 31/03/14 12:31, Johnson Cheng wrote:
> Dear Rowland,
> So it is samba3 issue.
> Does samba4 have fixed this issue?
No it is not a samba 3 issue, the issue is the way that you are trying 
to use samba3, try doing an internet search on samba3, ldap and pdc or 

You can use samba4 just like samba3, so if you just change to samba4 
without changing anything else, you will still have the same problem.

The big thing with samba4 is that you can provision it as an AD server, 
in which case the AD users must not be local users, if you decide to go 
down this line, then I suggest that you read and understand the samba4 
wiki howto's, please feel free to ask if you have any questions after 
reading the wiki.


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