[Samba] suggestions for a "fast" fileserver - 1G / 10G - focus on smb.conf/samba

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Mon Mar 31 01:47:13 MDT 2014

Hi list,

First morning here on samba4 AD, and no complaints yet :-)

> I hadn'd have  that option enabled yet and gave it a try:
> max protocol = SMB2 -> close to 25% more performance :) Great.
> In the bets test run writing 300 MB Files from an OS X Client 10.9 to a
> smb share is now average of 60 MB/s. (before best was around 45 MB/s)

But  taken from 

Normally this option should not be set as the automatic negotiation 
phase in the SMB protocol takes care of choosing the appropriate protocol.

Default: client max protocol = SMB3

So this does not rhyme with your observed performance increase after 
"max protocol = SMB2", does it..?

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