[Samba] winbind bug?

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Thu Mar 27 15:01:09 MDT 2014

On 27/03/14 18:50, Doug Tucker wrote:


> Rowland, that ignores the fact that all of my users other than this
> select group (5% maybe) on a certain client are working and working just
> fine.  Those same failing users work on windows XP and linux cifs.  And
> to shares even on win7 where the access is controlled via unix gid.

No it does not. You need to accept that either through corrupt DB's or 
some other issue your setup is *BROKEN*. That it is working under XP and 
Linux is simply a random fluke. There are plenty of things that you can 
do with a XP SMB client against a Samba server that don't work with a 
Windows 7 client. So bitching that it works in some cases is meaningless.


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