[Samba] winbind bug?

Doug Tucker tuckerd at lyle.smu.edu
Thu Mar 27 12:40:58 MDT 2014

> I would second that. You have been mucking about with none working 
> configurations. At this point you *really* *really* need to stop Samba 
> clear all the caches right out, start afresh, rejoin the server to the 
> domain and then start Samba again.
> JAB.
Just making sure you are aware that this config does work.  It works for 
every single user on the system if the client is XP or linux/smb.  And 
works for all Win7 clients where the unix id is < 11000.  It is only 
unix id's >11000.  And further, for even these users on win7 that cannot 
map their home directories, they CAN map other shares where their access 
is controlled by the group id.  And work with them even on windows 7.  
There is something about the unix id > 11000 and a windows 7 client that 
is screwy here.

I can't stop samba, unjoin and rejoin to the domain, it would interfere 
with the > 100 users that have drives mapped on it and are working with 

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