[Samba] Samba across multiple subnets

Computer service SPb. cpservicespb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 11:30:01 MDT 2014

> Yes, but if you have have a WINS server, the local master browsers in
each ?
> subnet (elected by the machines in each subnet), send the names to the
domain > master browser. And then you have a network wide browsing list.

> This works great in a Samba NT4-style domain. But in a Samba AD, the smbd
> does doesn't have browsing support yet. So there's no network
neighborhood at > the moment.

I didn' t get working browsing (in particular among Vpn pptp/l2tp clients)
with Wins also as withput Wins.
But may be in more then one fully /24 nets it will work.

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