[Samba] easy - automated setup : Debian Wheezy with sernet samba 4.1

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Mar 26 10:00:52 MDT 2014

Im setting up scripted samba4 installs to make things more uniform installations. 
It saves time, and errors, and it will be easier to trace bugs. 
This is the first one and more are comming. 
How does it work and what do you need and what do you get in the end. 
What you get. 
Debian wheezy, with sernet samba4.1 
- server setup as AD-DC  ( the first server with samba4 )
- Bind9_dlz is used and reverse zone is auto created. 
- NTP server setup.
- kerberos test scripted same as the hostname tests.
- info is in the script, what to put where. 
- needed rights are fixed, where incorrect was found. 
1) install a clean debian wheezy, only ssh, more is possible, but i tested with a very clean server.
2) get it : 
wget  --no-check-certificate https://secure.bazuin.nl/scripts/debianWheezy-sernetSamba4-setup.sh && chmod +x debianWheezy-sernetSamba4-setup.sh && ./debianWheezy-sernetSamba4-setup.sh
3) configure it   : nano debianWheezy-sernetSamba4-setup.sh
4) run it.   ./debianWheezy-sernetSamba4-setup.sh
In the next release of the script, it wil be Debian and Ubuntu compatible. 
And i'll build in a choose which samba you want to install. 
For example. 
Debian + samba from backports 
Debian + samba from sernet 
Debian + samba from Debian 
Ubuntu + samba from sernet  ( should work now already, but not tested. ) 
 ** you need to change the script a bit for this. Lines 210 + 212 and 213 
    change debian to ubuntu   and wheezy to precise  
     ** other ubuntu should work also but just try it and report it back please. 
So try it and report back to me if you have suggestions. 

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