[Samba] Failover

Sandbox sandboxheh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 03:00:12 MDT 2014


Samba 4.1.5

I have an old problem with my failover IP/name which is
The 2 servers IP address and DNS names are and
Domaincha always points to the "active" server so when any of the servers
dies my users couldn't see anything, and also i can set up home directories
to point the failover address instead of 1 server.

If i would like to use this name works perfectly from windows XP clients.
Windows 7 clients could list all of the shares but couldn't open them.
If i'm using the IP address instead of DNS name works perfectly.

I added domaincha SRV records to my DNS which didn't work (do i need to
delete those records or can i use like this?).

So do you have any idead which DNS record or any other settings need to set
up so my windows 7 clients work via DNS name?

Thanks, Robert

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