[Samba] samba-tool illegal instruction setting up Kerberos auth for http

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Mar 25 02:35:27 MDT 2014

Hai, Stuart, 

Wel, just remove it, and keep just 1 version of the packages in you server. 


Pakket: samba4 (4.0.3+dfsg1-0.1ubuntu4) [universe]  << == 4.03 And universe 

Pakket: samba (2:4.1.3+dfsg-2ubuntu4)		<< == the correct one 4.1.3 

remove the samba4, and keep it clear what your using. 
samba4 and samba are 2 completely different packages. 

can you put the segfault message also on the bug list. 
Just run the command again and type : dmesg

The backports version of samba ( 4.1.6 ) works fine with the export btw. 


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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] samba-tool illegal instruction setting 
>up Kerberos auth for http
>On 18/03/14 20:18, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>> There are mixed packages. 
>> ii  samba-common            2:4.1.3+dfsg-2ub all             
>> ii  samba4                  4.0.3+dfsg1-0.1u amd64           
> dummy transitional package for samba 4.x series
>> i advice, remove all of samba, and reinstall it. 
>> Dont purge, you keep you settings and data. 
>Well, 'samba4' itself is the latest version available.
>The package doesn't contain any real files and has a 
>dependency on samba
>>= 4.0.
>I did notice the 4.0 vs 4.1 bit too, but then I saw "dummy transitional
>package".  Looking at the file list, I have trouble believing that this
>is the source of the problem.
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