[Samba] suggestions for a "fast" fileserver - 1G / 10G - focus on smb.conf/samba

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Tue Mar 25 01:14:06 MDT 2014


thanks for all the feedback and topics.

May be I can/should draw a better picture of my settings and question.

We "still" use samba 3.6.9-167 from Red Hat with an openldap backend.

I tried from an older posting somewhere:


But there was no noticeable impact. The log level = 2.

Thats all I changed compared to the Red Hat default settings.

We have some reliable, fast hardware SATA ISCSI raid boxes with min. 12
disks, most are 16 disks, configured in raid  10, 5, 6 depending on the
use case and date stored. (e.g. lots of smaller r/w, some are big files
min. some Gig.)

We did also a lot of tests with different filesystems settings, so
currently we use ext4 and xfs (xfs e.g. for filesystems about 40 TB)

And: We do backups, have BBUs and "all luxury" we can get and need.

So my original question was focused:

Why do I get r/w speed around 80-90MB/s with ftp or scp and only
+-40MB/s on samba?

I don't want to believe, that smb has such a biiiigggg overhead :)

It is the same server, raid, filesystem, network konnection. In that
Case 1Gbit from Client (OS X 10.9) -> Gbit Switch -> Server -> Storage.

The Storage is connected to the server by a separate GBit VLAN.

As someone mentioned, I looked at the cpu usage and with smb it is >60/70%.

In my tests mentioned, I'm the only user on the server and Storage, no
heavy background tasks.

So what can speed up smb?

	Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Regards . Götz
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