[Samba] "Preparing Your Desktop" on every logon

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Mon Mar 24 20:30:07 MDT 2014

 Thorsten Marquardt wrote:
>  According to several MS docs this should be fixed by using the mmc tool.
>  But I presume this is for ad based domain controllers only.
>  How can this be fixed on my samba pdc with ldapsam passdb backend?
>  Thanks in advance.
The mmc tool for setting Group policy can set home directories for all
users -- local users as well domain users.   I still have my win7
machine with it's home dir on my samba 3 PDC with winbind/and using
'nss' as a back-end.  (I have a mostly static setup) for both the local
account and the domain account.

Of note... there are various settings that changed in win7 regarding
profiles.  One, you'll find the SYSTEM reg the app directories
under "user.v2" ... So the user-profile has to be under a different
directory -- (the user profile isn't the same as their home directory 

So I have home directory on the samba server as
/homes/law (for both XP & W7), but the W7 appdata and registry stuff
was in /homes/law.V2 (because of incompatible formats between

Some settings in the "local group policy editor" that might be of help--
Under Administrative Templates
(under both System and User... can apply the policies/user or per/system)
Under 'User Profiles'
- Do not check for user ownership of Roaming profile folders &
Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer.

You might want to temporarily open up the permissions on your
server directory for all, so verify it's not a permissions problem.

I forget all the "gotcha's", but there were a few...

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