[Samba] Samba documentation team

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Mar 24 15:14:17 MDT 2014


we had a good first meeting and I'm glad that some people came together 
to improve the documentation. Even if our first meeting was a bit 
unstructured, it was a good start. ;-)

We saw, that it's not that easy to create a documenation that covers as 
much as possible different distros/versions/etc., but is still 
maintainable. Even if it may sound a bit bureaucratic, out of this 
reason a draft of a "How to write documentation" HowTo arose. :-) A kind 
of basic structure new documentation should follow. The draft is 
currently in an etherpad 
(https://pad.riseup.net/p/How_to_write_documenation) and will be later 
on the Wiki.

A further idea was to create a table of content, like the one in the old 
Samba HowTo Collection. It should contain links to the different HowTos 
and detailed content. A first draft of a TOC we had written all together 
in another etherpad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/SambaDoc
Feel free to extend it in a clear and usful way (it's not a wishlist!).

Here's the chat log:

Our next meeting will be next monday (March 31, 2014) at the same time 
(7pm CET) in IRC. Of course everybody who want to help is invited 
(beginner, developer, proofreader, etc.).

Thanks to everyone who was there for the discussion. I'm sure, it's a 
good start for improving the Samba documentation.


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