[Samba] 'document has been locked for editing by another user' - medium latency / limited bw connection issues?

Bram Matthys syzop at vulnscan.org
Fri Mar 21 15:25:21 MDT 2014


First of all, thanks Matthias for your response. It does however seem like
your issue is unrelated and has to do with permissions. I saw a few others
responded, hope it helps.

On to my own issue, as I found a fix:

Bram Matthys wrote, on 17-3-2014 18:21:
> I have a VPN connection to a Samba 4.1.4 server and when I use Word 2010 on
> a W7 client to open an existing file I often get the following error:
> "document.docx has been locked for editing by another user."
> I should clarify that the document is not in use by anyone (confirmed by
> smbstatus), and this happens on several documents.. including ones I just
> created minutes ago myself.
> I get this either 1) directly before I see the document (rarely), or 2)
> after I clicked on 'Enable editing' due to being in 'Secure Display' mode
> ('this file is from an internet location and is possibly unsafe').
> I found out that if I wait long enough after opening the document, say: 10
> seconds to be safe, then I can pretty much always click on 'Enable Editing'
> and edit the document without any errors.

Apparently when the office document is displayed and the 'Enable Editing'
button is visible, the file is still being read by Office in the background.
Even if it's a very short file..
Normally not a problem, but when you click on 'Enable Editing' it is still
being locked by Office itself and says it is in use. Rather silly, really...

I added the IP of my \\a.b.c.d\something connection to Intranet sites (this
is configured in internet explorer) to get rid of the warning in Office.
I didn't really mind the warning so I didn't think of this earlier. However
by doing this I also took care of the file-in-use-problem.. as the document
is opened in edit mode right away and thus the whole problem of above is

I've had no complaints since.



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