[Samba] Feature request: Samba4 acts as multi domain master browsers or multi local master browsers for multi groups !

Computer service SPb. cpservicespb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 15:01:32 MDT 2014

Can somebody takes part in adding the following functionality to Samba4:

It is necassary to do Samba4 computer as multi DMB or I think more likely
as multi LMB for multigroups additionally to default main domain / group.
That is necasary to add to Samba4 such functionality in Samba4 code and add
to smb.conf at least 3 parameters:
- multi browser support = yes/no - switch on / off this feature
- multi browser groups list = list of group which Samba4 will be either
domain master browser or likely local master browser for, additionally to
main domain / workgroup defined in workgroup parameter, for others, except
main workgroup and listed on this parameter Samba4 will not become as
master browser
- multi browser groups auto = on / off - switch intelligent groups list
getting, if yes, previous parameter is ignored, if yes, newly added /
appeared in some net (Local or especially Vpn) client register itself and
its group using NetBios protocols, Samba4 catch anyway this announcement
and become as master browser for ALL groups appeared in such way.
If first parameter is yes, and there are no two others are set up, Samba4
acts as single default group master browser.
Of course, anyway, Samba4 is domain and / or local master browser for its
default domain / workgroup.

It's necassary to full supporting of multigroups browsing list maintaining
and in particular for correct browsing list functioning of and for Ppp
(Pptpt/L2tp) Vpn clients.

At the first time, while nmbd function only in standalone server mode, to
do so to the mode, then, when supproting of browsing will be added for DC
mode, to to do so to DC mode.

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