[Samba] adjust DC name after classicupgrade

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Wed Mar 19 04:03:25 MDT 2014


I'm going classicupgrade our samba3 to samba4 next weekend, and suddenly 
realised something:

I intent to keep my samba3 PDC machine called 'filehost' as a member 
server, to only serve files. However, after classicupgrade my new 
(freshly installed) DC1 will of course have the netbios name from my 
'old' samba3 machine. ('filehost')

Meaning I end up with two machines with the same netbios name.

I would like the new DC to be called DC1. Can I change it's name after 
the classicupgrade, or should I do something *before* the upgrade?


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