[Samba] Newbie difficulties on Samba4/Documentation

Lmloge lmloge at orange.fr
Tue Mar 18 03:08:25 MDT 2014

On 2014-03-10 6:49 PM, David Lee wrote:
> I am slowly teaching myself sufficient to get a Samba AD DC running on a
> very small network as a training exercise, replacing an ancient Samba
> PDC with at least 10 years worth of mistakes in it! I am not a computer
> specialist, but an electrical engineer who has some involvement in the
> IT system of a charity using AD (my reason for wanting to learn), and
> therefore this exercise has been pushing the boundaries of my knowledge.
> My assessment is that Samba has come a long way, but documentation to
> help someone like me is limited. I support code being more important
> than documentation, but good documentation should reduce the number of
> queries on this mailing list. I would therefore like to make some
> suggestions for improving the documentation on wiki.samba.org.
> Firstly, a better introduction to Samba - it is now a highly complex bit
> of software, with multiple ways in which it can be set up. Would some
> kind of flow chart be possible, covering the options from "sharing data
> between my Linux desktop and my wife's windows machine" up to "replacing
> a forest of 10 domains", and outlining for each of them what features of
> Samba are used, and how they are controlled (smb.conf, samba-tool,
> Microsoft AD interface)? Associated with this is the need to know what
> other software is needed, and what is not needed (one of my problems was
> due to trying to add a separate Kerberos server - thanks to Rowland
> Penny and Denis Cardon for putting me right on that one). So Kerberos is
> out, Cups is often useful, and I don't know about pam - and there is
> probably others!
> Some of the pages on the wiki appear to be out of date, which can be
> confusing. An example random page is
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/7.1_Configuration which talks about
> LDAP - which I think is now not needed for a simple DC. Weeding those
> out would be difficult, but it might be more practical to take a concept
> from the Microsoft technical pages where near the top of many pages it
> has a section "Applies to", and have a similar area on the Wiki pages.
> This could at least be done on the current major pages.
> The basic instructions on the Wiki are good as long as everything goes
> correctly. What would be useful is extra pages on "Tests and problem
> solving" - giving tests that can be done to identify what is, or is not,
> working at each stage, and any starting points on how to fix things. I
> found that, when I joined my first machine to the new AD domain, it took
> 3 minutes to log in - only after a lot of chasing around did I discover
> the DNS address needed updating on that machine, and that reduced it to
> a sensible log in time. Searching for "slow login" on the Samba wiki
> finds nothing, so I then was searching the whole web for any ideas.
> Finally, thank you to the Samba team for all the work you have done.
> Regards
> David Lee

I am with David Lee :)
Best regards,
Léa Massiot

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