[Samba] 'document has been locked for editing by another user' - medium latency / limited bw connection issues?

Matthias Müller elv_matth.mueller at web.de
Mon Mar 17 15:54:07 MDT 2014

Am Montag 17 März 2014 schrieb Bram Matthys:
> Hi,
> I hope some of you have been in a similar situation and can shed some
> light on this:
We have a similar situation here in the company.

> I have a VPN connection to a Samba 4.1.4 server and when I use Word 2010
We have normal LAN and users are sometimes changing some config files of 
the CAD system. That means changing plain text files with either Notepad, 
Notepad++, gvim or Wordpad. The user can open the file but is not able to 
save a changed file.

> on a W7 client to open an existing file I often get the following
also W7 clients running the CAD system and the editors for changing

> error: "document.docx has been locked for editing by another user."
Similar message

If the user creates the file new than he can save it. But if any user in 
the same UNIX primary group changed the file, the original creator is not 
able to edit the same file any more. Nor is he able to remove or copy the 
files. He can create new files and then he is able to do everything 
(delete, copying, editing). 

The share that stores the files is on the AIX machine. When the user logs 
into this machine he can do whatever he wants with the files according to 
the UNIX file permissions. Even another user has changed this file he still 
can edit the original file, which is not possible when this is done on the 
Windos client. 

Samba version 3.5.14
OS of the samba server: AIX
OS of client: Windows 7 

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